Customize and Create Dynamic Headless ERP Apps with Tailor Platform

Tailor Platform is a backend platform that enables enterprises to create tailor-made business tools that perfectly match their unique requirements, amazingly fast.

So, what is Headless ERP?

A Headless ERP is a novel approach to Enterprise Resource Planning or other business tools designed to support a company's operations. In this model, the backend business logic and data are decoupled from the user interface. This separation allows for greater flexibility, which becomes particularly beneficial when organizations use multiple SaaS tools for managing their operations. If you're seeking seamless system interconnectivity, or if your business needs require bespoke tools, a Headless ERP provides a powerful and adaptable solution.

For a practical glimpse into the concept, explore these Templates that showcase specific instances of Headless ERP Applications:

What is Tailor Platform?

Tailor Platform is a backend platform that enables developers to create tailor-made Headless ERP Apps. Developers are able to create custom data models and business logic, and expose them as a GraphQL API, all without writing many lines of codes.

Here's a conceptual diagram of an Headless ERP App and how Tailor Platform fits in:

As you can see in the diagram: * Headless ERP Apps are generated from Configuration, with Tailor Platform parsing the Configuration * Tailor CLI (Command Line Interface) is used to generate and manage the Apps

With Tailor Platform, you can take advantage of the following key features:

Key Features

For a quick overview of the Tailor Platform, check out the following demo:

1. Instant API Creation: From Schema to API in 60 Seconds

Tailor Platform offers a powerful feature that allows you to generate GraphQL APIs from schema files. This makes it easy for your company to create a custom data schema that aligns perfectly with your business requirements. Get started with production-ready APIs, featuring granular authorization and built-in caching, in just 60 seconds.

2. Customizable ERP Templates

Our easy-to-customize templates which includes a wide range of modules for ERP applications, enables users to add custom data models and scripts, allowing them to create tailored solutions that are optimized for their specific business needs while saving valuable development resources.

3. Not Just CRUD: Embed and Execute Custom Business Logic

Tailor PF provides 3 ways for exposing existing or new business logic in your domain

  1. Chained Queries: Most business logic can be implemented as a series of reads and writes, or queries and mutations in GraphQL terminology, to the database. Tailor Platform allows developers to define such sequence, with data transformation at each step, and expose it to the web as a new GraphQL API.
  2. Event Triggers: Whenever an API endpoint is called or there's a change in the upstream database, Tailor Platform can capture such events and trigger a custom script to execute within the Tailor Platform. Scheduled event (like cron job) can be set too.
  3. State Machine: Whether it's an approval workflow or an automated business process, managing the state of a record is a common use case for business logic. Tailor Platform provides a schema-defined state machine with record-level authorization management and a GraphQL API to interact with the state.

Getting started with Tailor Platform

We recommend completing our quickstart tutorial to get acquainted with key concepts and basis of the Tailor Platform.