Tailor Platform CLI

tailorctl is a tool that allows developers to configure, deploy and administrate their Tailor Platform workspace.


On macOS, tailorctl can be installed with the Homebrew package manager:

<span><span style="color: var(--shiki-token-function)">brew</span><span style="color: var(--shiki-color-text)"> </span><span style="color: var(--shiki-token-string)">install</span><span style="color: var(--shiki-color-text)"> </span><span style="color: var(--shiki-token-string)">tailor-platform/tap/tailorctl</span></span>

Note: other operating systems are not currently supported.


The config command is used to manage configuration settings of the CLI.


The auth command is used to login and logout the active user to the Tailor Platform.

Workspace management

The workspace command is used to get information about and manage the workspace.


The manifest command is used to manage manifest files provided by tailorctl.

Other commands

version displays the tailorctl version.

completion installs completion scripts for any of the supported shells.