Import CSV files

CSV files are plain text files that contain tabular data, with each field separated by a comma.

To import data from a CSV file to the Tailor DB, you can use the Tailor Console.

  1. Log into the Tailor Console, select the workspace, and click on the tailordb -- inventory-tracker option.

Tailor Console - Select App

  1. Select Product type, choose Data tab and click on import button.

Tailor Console - Data import

  1. Upload a CSV file

Tailor Console - Data import upload

Here you can download the template by clicking on the button Download Template. The example.csv file contains the header of the file.


Add the following data to the example.csv to create a new product in Tailor DB.

"4054934b-d040-469c-a03a-456b8bbe845e",3020,,"Warm and lightweight","Recycled Jacket",195.0,"2024-06-05","pieces",,

Make sure to add a categoryID that already exists in the database.

  1. Select the header

Tailor Console - Data import select header

  1. Map Columns

You can include the columns into which you want to insert data. Click on Submit after making your selections.

Tailor Console - Data import map columns

  1. Verify the import

After completing the import, the table populates with the new data, and a message displays details about the number of imported rows.

Tailor Console - Data import message

Click the View Details button to see import details.

Tailor Console - Data import message details